1. "It’s not procrastination, it’s alternate productivity."
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    Dali’s pavilion at the 1939 World’s Fair was entitled “Dream of Venus,” and was a surrealist dream world. Patrons entered through a pair of women’s legs and purchased tickets from a fish head booth. Dali designed two pools where topless sirens and mermaids swam about, women dressed as pianos and lobsters cavorted amongst paintings and props in front of a giant four panelled painting by Dali, and other tableaus with costumes designed by Dali.

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    Person: You should try dressing normal for once


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    when someone gives you directions but you go the wrong way


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    Jerry hires a dominatrix and gets some payback on Tom.

    I must have missed this episode.

    My eyebrows always raise a bit when I realize someone took the time to draw and color something like this…and probably masturbated to it while they did so.

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    Win a free pair of shoes by me! “What’s that you say? For freee?” Yeah! And it’s super easy. Just give this page a “like” and share this image with your friends. With your family! With that old classmate! With that person who only posts photos of their dogs! WITH EVERYONE! 

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    Meet The Generation Of Incredible Native American Women Fighting To Preserve Their Culture by Danielle Seewalker for Marie Claire UK

    Native Americans represent just one per cent of the US population and some languages have only one speaker left. Now a new generation is fighting to preserve the culture.

    Meet the women leading that fight: http://www.marieclaire.co.uk/blogs/547176/meet-the-generation-of-incredible-native-american-women-fighting-to-preserve-their-culture.html#y5UioxWL1hQHhom1.01

    pueblo dress is beautiful

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    Maneki Luna by Megan Lara

    Grab the shirt on redbubble or teepublic (cheapest option!), print or sticker!

    I wanted to draw Luna as a “lucky cat.”  I just picked the Sailor Moon imagery that made the best composition to go around, because there is SOOOOO much fun stuff to draw in the SM universe.  Sparkles and stars and hearts, oh my!  This was super fun—hope you dig it.  

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    #tattoo by Dan Molloy @danmolloytattooer (at WA Ink Tattoo)

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    weirdo kitties II.

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